Why is it that Shikha Dalmia will not tell the stories of those Americans Displaced by a tidal wave of guest workers?

The administration’s motive here is clear: Make life so uncertain and miserable for foreign tech workers that they’ll think twice before opting to come to America — and the red tape so time-consuming and costly for employers that they would think twice before hiring them.

Calling all this an effort to make America’s immigration system merit-based is beyond Orwellian. The president should stop trying to fool the country and own up to his true designs.


Shikha, cruel is forcing Americans to do this because they have nowhere else to go when they have been forced to train their replacement.

A month ago, Kevin Flanagan found out that he`d be losing his job at the Bank of America`s Concord Technology Center. That same day, he took his life—in the parking lot of his former employer.

It wasn`t that Flanagan was surprised to lose his job—he`d seen it coming for months, as his father told the paper. Flanagan had watched as veteran co-workers were forced to train newcomers from India—then fired and replaced by the immigrants. One former employee told the CC Times that employees at Concord feel like they`re “on death row. Every day you think, `Is this the day I`m gone?` he said.”



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