Why will the Voice of America not tell the stories of those Americans Displaced in America by the H-1B and other visas?

Inspired by the movie Terminator, Yingzhe Fu has wanted to make robots ever since he was a child.

That dream is now being realized in the form of a smart device for new homes, created by a startup called Togg that he co-founded. The computer would be built into the infrastructure for new homes, so it can turn lights on and off, respond to commands, such as giving a weather report, and even tell jokes.

“So we are basically making a mini computer. Home builders directly build our devices into the wall, and that device will help you to connect with your mobile phone, [and] with your other smart devices,” said Fu.

Being from China, Fu said there was little chance he could have stayed in the United States to start a company without the aid of an early-stage venture capital firm called Unshackled.

“Without their help, without them sponsoring me, I don’t think I would do that,” said Fu.


Why do these Venture Capital Firms not fund companies that would Make America Great Again for Americans in America who cannot buy interviews even though they have the skills?


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