Will you help me run about a 3 full page ad exposing what rackspace is doing?


These 60 or so applications are for Fiscal Year 2016 H-1B’s.

Each job that they take is one less job for Americans in America.

I believe this is wrong and I want to print the complete list with all of the information that is in that list.

Americans have families to provide for, and this is America, not India or China.

I have the skills they are looking for.

So does Art.

And hundreds of thousands of other damned fine Americans.

But they won’t consider us as it is cheaper and more profitable to hire non-immigrant guest workers who will work ungodly hours for what turns out to be very little money when you divide the salary by the hours.

If you will help me to do this, I promise we will find a way to do the same to usaa as they are doing much worse when you look at the ads their American clients have done for them not realizing that they are not hire vets, or Americans.

I worked at USAA for 2 years.  Part of their service desk.  When I got there, the service desk was being run by Kforce,  Kforce got fired, another company came in.  That company?  The infamous HCL.  Not only was management all Indians, but they cheated and abused the law.  We didn’t paid 1.5x overtime, they labeled us as “Flexible work hours” employees and paid us on a sliding 0.5x OT.  When that got too dangerous as lawyers started making inquiries they quit paying us OT on our paychecks an started handing out $10 an hour gift cards.
That’s IF you worked OT at their request.
It get’s better.
My group was the internal service desk, we did software fix for employees.  HCL paid us salaried, but wanted to move us to hourly.  They couldn’t.  So instead of hiring under that contract with USAA that forced the salaries, they subcontracted for nearly 40% LESS Pay to do the same job.
It get’s better.
The internal HARDWARE teams, that installed and maintained employees PC’s?  All were USAA Employees.  Were, I say because HCL came in, took over that desk and forced all the USAA Employees to convert to the HCL or quit.  Less pay, less benefits.
It get’s better.
Most of USAA’s IT Programming and support?  Chennai India.  If you come to San Antonio, take a walk along Fredricksburg road.  Guess what?  Little India, all USAA workers.
It get’s better.
HCL is contracted to say pay each of these H1B Visa employees say.. 45k a year, but they only get 25K, and are told if they say anything, they’ll lose their visa’s.
HCL Management pockets the difference.
USAA knows about this, they don’t care.
The ALL AMERICAN, Pro-US MILITARY, VETERAN (Of which I am) FInancial and Insurance agency… is a major employer of not Veterans, or Americans…

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