You people learn skills, teach them to others, and then kiss your jobs goodbye.

From time to time I receive thoughts on how to fix the H-1B Scam.

Here is another perspective that I received today.

I get your frustration with big corporations getting Indians to work as cheap labor, but if the H1B ends, don’t you think it will prevent all Indians from going regardless of whether they are esteemed professors/researchers/scientists?

Universities follow very rigid processes in hiring faculty, and when they hire a non-American, that person will surely be above all others who applied for that job including Americans.

Doesn’t this count as greater skill?

Won’t ending the H1B, end this process too, depriving American students from access to the best professors from around the world?

I agree that the IT sector thing is messed up.

You people learn skills, teach them to others, and then kiss your jobs goodbye.

That’s bad.

However, every non-American does not want to work in the IT sector (including me), and some of us want access to the world’s finest research techniques available in your universities.

A person in IT sector may do the same job for in India, for an Indian Company in India, but a researcher in need of that research technology or students motivated enough to help, cannot do that level of research in India at least not in the near future.

Therefore, don’t you feel a need to have a H1B visa plan, just not the way it is right now?

What I propose below are alternatives for H1B plan, specific to India, or other countries that hog H1Bs. (I agree this borders on discrimination against country of origin, but hey, we caused this problem for you people, so we deserve it)

1) Grant H1B only for those Indians who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in US.

Reason – As the number of Indians aspiring for Bachelor’s degree is way less than those for master’s degree (due to high costs and lack of funds/scholarships) a majority of H1B will be not used.

2) Grant H1B for those Indians who fulfill EB1 green card requirements under outstanding researcher/professor/alien of special ability (not the third category, just the first two).

Reason – This will decrease H1B granted by a large extent, as not many Indians are really more skilled than Americans, but those will fulfill the conditions required by EB1 Category, will definitely be more skilled for that job, and not just portrayed as is the present case.

And Americans, do not despair.

While I may not agree with all of your president’s decisions, the decision to curb green cards and H1Bs given is a good one for the world.

Just do not cancel the H1B plan entirely, making it impossible for anyone to come.

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