You too can be an indentured servant for firms like Cloudwick Technologies of Newark

Just think, you can do highly skilled work and get paid the grand sum of $800.00 per month.

And just think, even with that masters diploma, you too can be trained to work as an indentured servant.

A dozen Indian workers at an East Bay technology firm were promised salaries of up to $8,300 a  month, but after the company brought them in under the controversial H-1B visa, they found themselves netting as little as $800 per month, the federal government alleged Tuesday.

Cloudwick Technologies of Newark has been ordered to pay about $175,000 to 12 employees for back wages after violating H-1B rules, the U.S. Department of Labor said. The company disputed some of the government’s claims.

“Investigators found that the company paid impacted employees well below the wage levels required under the H-1B program based on job skill level, and also made illegal deductions from workers’ salaries,” the department said in a news release. “As a result, some of the H-1B employees that Cloudwick brought from India with promised salaries of up to $8,300 per month instead received as little as $800 net per month.”

Cloudwick founder and CEO Mani Chhabra said Tuesday that the labor department “misrepresented” some facts about the company’s use of H-1B workers.

“Cloudwick has never brought resources from India,” Chhabra said. “All the resources are Master’s students that have educated in U.S. and then we hired and trained them.”


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  1. Nutella
    May 4, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    1000s of these India Incs running loose in America breaking every law in the book, and operating as gangster Organized Crime Syndicates.

    $800/mo is below min wage and is illegal!

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