Tales from the frontline war on jobs in Connecticut

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1) The great

has weighed in on the state’s $18 MILLION grant to Infosys – and the results for Governor Lamont and his wife, Annie, are not good. In the latest posting in her blog, The Sparks Report, she draws lines between the King Ned and the forces of globalism, who are teaming up to usher in a dystopian future, where humans have no worth.


is really good at putting things in context – and there was no disappointment here. Bottom line: This isn’t the Kind Ned or Annie’s first foray into public/private partnerships and state mandate. These have made the couple millions- and at our expense. Meanwhile the state is ranked nearly dead last in economic development!

3) The Infosys deals (the $18 MILLION grant and its associated $20 MILLION no-bid contract) are just a couple that have blossomed out of their private relationships with bankers, CEOs and globalists in their realm, which have netted the Greenwich couple hundreds of millions of dollars! We don’t know exactly how many hundreds of millions because Ned refuses to reveal the state finances behind some of these deals.

4) The best part in all of this is that people like

have stepped up with her blog and activism to provide us with the real story behind the headlines that the Hearst media outlets refuse to provide. I feel bad for all the people who graduate from Columbia Journalism school with their high-priced degrees (no doubt that debt will greatly influence their reporting in the future). JCherry shows how anyone with common sense can step forward, ask some key questions and write up a great story that connects the dots for the average person. It’s an invaluable service to us, because most of us are so busy with the whole business of just surviving and raising our kids.

5) JCherry begins her blog quoting Yuval Harari of the World Economic Forum. (BTW, if you think there could be no one creepier than Klaus Schwab, you gotta listen to this guy). I’ll let him speak for himself here … “Human rights are just like heaven or God. It’s just a fictional story that we’ve invented and spread around. It may be a very nice story, it may be a very attractive story we want to believe it, but it’s just a story. It’s not a reality. It is not a biological reality, just as jelly fish, woodpeckers, and ostriches, have no rights, homo sapiens have no rights also. Take a human cut him open, look inside you find their blood, you find the heart, the lungs and kidneys, but you don’t find there are any rights. The only place you find rights are in the fictional stories that humans have invented and spread around.”

6) This isn’t just a single deal with Infosys. It’s all part of the transition to a new World Order that will be initiated by people like Annie and Ned Lamont. It will be led by people who willingly fleece their own state, right in front of its citizens eyes. And all of it while the mainstream media gives them a pass.

7) In many ways, IT workers have been at the forefront of the Great Replacement. It’s been going on since the 90s. You can’t look at an IT department and NOT notice how things have changed. The Visa workers greatly outnumber the native born population. These new workers are desperate to get out of India and will do anything they are told, including working 16 hour days.

8) The MBAs have obvioulsy pinned their hopes on this workforce. But they never learn their lesson. To successfully innovate and lead markets, you need innovative thinking. This is what Americans from all backgrounds are exceptional at. And a workforce that is basically made up of indentured servants can NEVER deliver on that. The best ideas – the ones that value investors worldwide throw their money behind – always originate from free-thinking, empowered individuals. Nurturing these ideas is what economic development is all about And that’s what Gov. Lamont doesn’t understand.


Governor Lamont and the Lost Constitution State

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