Current Employment Survey

Each month, CES surveys approximately 122,000 businesses and government agencies, representing approximately 666,000 individual worksites.

You can find the government data by clicking here.

Here at Keep America At Work, we take the data that they produce and use it to produce a job gains or loss column so that we can provide this chart for you.

We do this because in our news media, you will hear story after story about how our employers can’t find enough workers and our government produces a JOLTS report that says there are 10 million open jobs out there.

So ask yourself this question.

If those jobs are available, why are we only creating 1 1/2 million jobs per year on average?

After all, if those jobs were filled and so many people like myself are desperate to find work, wouldn’t we see an increase of 10 million in hiring, a decrease in 10 million of unemployment, and things like that?

The spreadsheet we downloaded and used to create this chart can be downloaded by clicking on the following link.


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