I first started this site way back in 2007 to try and find a way to get back to work.

I began to hear from many going through what I was going through and over time I documented all of that here.

From time to time I’ve lost this site because I couldn’t afford the hosting fees and in a couple of cases, I’ve made the decision to start over with a clean slate.

I am now 62 years old as of 27 December 2019 and I have made the decision that it is time to shift my focus from researching what is happening because we know what is happening and its well documented in my memory, and in many books that I will list here.


It is time to shift my focus to the things that will matter to us going forward about how to put food on your table, a roof over your head, and reduce your utility bills as low as possible while getting by on less and less income because until we make it a law that our companies cannot send the jobs we are dependent on to other countries, it will continue to happen because greed knows no bounds.

And the same will continue with non-immigrant guest workers who are seeking their dream at the expense of our citizens who depend on the jobs that they are being forced to train their guest worker replacements on.

These two actions are morally wrong and karma will ultimately reward those performing these actions on our country and our citizens, but for now we the people need to focus on what is important which is a home, food and drink, no utility bills and getting by on less and less.