Hires increased in real estate and rental and leasing (+34,000)

Now I want you to think about this for a minute.

Both real estate and rental and leasing are for the most part, commission based jobs which means these folks may or may not get paid for their efforts.

This was found in this months JOLTs report which can be viewed by clicking here.

In that same report, we find the following under Separations:

The total separations level increased in real estate and rental and leasing (+43,000) but decreased in 
federal government (-10,000).

Think about that, we hired 34,000 and we had 43,000 quit and 10,000 got hired by the government.

Folks, that is a flight to safety if I’ve ever saw one.

Trust me, I’ve been trying to do the same for nearly a decade, but the only job I could get in government was as a janitor even though I’ve worked for over 3 decades in technology, both hardware and software.

And I’m a pretty decent analyst.

But that doesn’t seem to count for anything at the Department of Veterans Affairs, at least in my case.

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American Unemployment propaganda is the only card holding up the house of cards

You really need to think about that if you are an investor.

All of our administrations from Trump back to Clinton have willingly distributed unemployment numbers that are little more than propaganda.

This has been made possible by the media not willing to take the time to do even the most basic of due diligence.

Which leads to investors believing this:

“It is highly unlikely that the threshold will remain at $500,000… it was lowered because we sincerely needed job creation and required foreign investment to come in and help us recover,” Zamanian warns. “As it stands today, unemployment is at a low. Investors should understand that there is less of a need for job creation and for this programme, generally. The amount will go up.”


unemployment is NOT at a low, but the propaganda is.

Furthermore, American citizens are not getting hired in America as I demonstrate here.

At some point, investors are going to realize that we are not counting the unemployed and that we are creating more and more unemployed American citizens by (1) sending their jobs to other countries and (2) importing non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs from our American Citizens.

I can’t predict when that will be.

But I believe it will be very bad financially for our World.

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The cluster?uck that is the VA Hiring Process

usastaffingoffice@opm.gov 2:56 PM (2 minutes ago) to me Dear Virgil Bierschwale, This refers to the application you recently submitted to this office for the position below: Position Title: Program Analyst Pay Plan/Series/Grade: GS-0343-7/9/11 Hiring Office: George H OBrien Jr VA Medical Center Location: Big Spring, Texas Based on the application package you submitted and/or the answers provided … Read moreThe cluster?uck that is the VA Hiring Process

This is why I will not support the AFL – CIO

More than 1 million working people who help to build, feed, serve, educate and care for our nation are at risk right now.Their rights and jobs are on the line unless we can convince Congress to step up to protect them.

The American Dream and Promise Act of 2019 will provide a well-earned path to citizenship for working people with Temporary Protected Status, Deferred Enforced Departure and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. These valued members of our communities and our unions work across a wide range of industries in every state of the union—and now it is time for us to have their backs.

This is part of an email I received today.

They simply have not made this connection.

Click to zoom in

If they will work to make it so that American citizens like myself were getting jobs, then yes I would support what they are doing here.

But when others are getting jobs at my expense because we are not creating enough jobs here in America, then no, I will not support it.

Think of it this way.

As our population increases, we need to create more jobs to keep up with the population growth.

Yet all of these companies have sent our jobs to other countries decreasing the amount of jobs here in America we have available for our population.

Click to zoom in

And when these companies import non-immigrant guest workers, that also decreases the amount of jobs available for our citizens.

Click to zoom in

Which leaves highly skilled people like myself totally unemployable, or very underemployed which is not acceptable.

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If 27.7 percent, or 700,000 college graduates haven’t found a job, unemployment sure as hell isn’t less than 4%

There were 1.8 million people ages 20 to 29 who earned college degrees between January and October 2018. About 1.1 million of these recent degree recipients earned a bachelor’s degree, 352,000 earned an advanced degree, and 374,000 earned an associate degree. Among recent bachelor’s degree recipients, 72.3 percent were employed in October 2018.



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I need for 400,000 former tech workers, citizens, H-1B’s, and Green Card Holders alike to tell their story

Here is why The government says there are 7.5 million job openings. Their biggest quantity of those 7.5 millions jobs is professional and business services where they say we as a country have 1,435,000 job openings. If we look at the existing quantity of workers in professional and business services, we find the following: Legal … Read moreI need for 400,000 former tech workers, citizens, H-1B’s, and Green Card Holders alike to tell their story

You quickly realize that there are NOT 7.5 million job openings when you talk to displaced and underemployed highly educated American STEM workers

Job openings as of Mar 2019: 1,435,000 – Professional and business services 1,187,000 – Health care and social assistance 1,023,000 – Leisure and hospitality 860,000 – retail trade 573,000 – state and local government 476,00 – manufacturing 368,000 – Financial activities 217,000 – Other services The data can be viewed by clicking here. Lets look … Read moreYou quickly realize that there are NOT 7.5 million job openings when you talk to displaced and underemployed highly educated American STEM workers

Why is the Foreign Born Civilian Labor Force growing and not the Native Born?

Click to zoom in

Starting in 2007 our Civilian Labor Force was broken down into foreign born and native born.

In order to compare them accurately on a chart, I had to divide the native born portion by 6 so that they were in the same quantity range.

So many American are saying that they can’t get hired.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Do you think this is right for the future of our country that we force our own citizens out of work?

Think about it this way.

Our citizens are still having babies and starting families.

That means that if they were finding jobs to provide for their families, that the native born line would be growing as well, doesn’t it?

My spreadsheet is attached if you want to run the numbers yourself.

The data came from FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)

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Usha is one of thousands of current US tech workers who have had their visas suddenly rejected thanks to new policies implemented by President Trump’s administration.

IN NOVEMBER OF 2018, Usha and her husband Sudhir received the news they never expected: the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services declined to extend Usha’s work visa, meaning the couple and their daughter would have 180 days to leave the country before the US government would consider their presence to be unlawful.
The notice hit the whole family like a punch to the gut. Eight years before, Usha and her daughter had moved from India to New Jersey to join Sudhir, who was already living in the United States, pursuing a master’s degree in computer science. Both Usha and Sudhir landed jobs as quality assurance analysts for IT outsourcing firms, relying on so-called H-1B visas, which are reserved for specialty occupations. Before coming to the US, Usha had earned a bachelor’s in math and physics, and a master’s in political science. They’d bought a home, paid their taxes, and enrolled their daughter, who’s now 16, in school. Usha had been approved in the early stages of the green card process, and had successfully extended her H-1B visa twice before.


I feel for these people.

But I feel more for the Americans that were displaced so that they could find work here in America.

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I was blown away by these numbers, but the more I think about it, it shows exactly what is happening.

Using the civilian labor force and the labor force participation rate, we can easily show how many are working and how many are not working each month.

So I wanted to see how much the unemployed was growing by:

  • Before the implementation of our Free Trade Agreements and the non-immigrant guest worker programs.
  • During the period where we implemented Free Trade Agreements, but before we implemented the non-immigrant guest worker programs.
  • After the implementation of both Free Trade Agreements and non-immigrant guest worker periods.

So I used the following date periods to do that:

  • 1 Jan 1948 to 1 Dec 1975
  • 1 Jan 1976 to 1 Dec 1989
  • 1 Jan 1990 to 1 Feb 2019

As you can see in the following numbers, we had the following changes:

  • Unemployment grew by 10,622,000 before free trade and non-immigrant guest worker programs.
  • Unemployment grew by 19,629,000 when our free trade programs were implemented and before our non-immigrant guest worker programs
  • Unemployment grew by 801,000 when our non-immigrant guest worker programs were implemented.
Click to zoom in

At first I was puzzled, but the more I think about it, this shows exactly what is happening.

Free Trade Agreements created an additional 19,629,000 unemployed because they were sending jobs to other countries.

During the H-1B period, unemployment continued to grow, but it is masked by importing non-immigrant guest worker programs which is how the unemployment numbers remain low.

As non-immigrant guest workers are imported, they are getting the bulk of the jobs and are being counted as employed, and the American citizens who are getting forced out are initially counted, but as their period of unemployment grows past the U-6 Specifications, they are no longer counted and are forced into:

  • Homelessness
  • Suicide
  • Living with Family
  • Living out of vans and cargo trailers

Click on the following link to view my spreadsheet used to calculate these numbers.

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So you believe that unemployment is as low as they say it is?

Then tell me, why are we creating fewer and fewer jobs when we compare the current month against the previous month.

Click to zoom in

The chart above shows all data that was publicly available as of the date I retrieved it (15 Apr 2019)

Click to zoom in

The chart above takes that same data and only shows from 2000 till present to make it easier to read.

Click to zoom in

The chart above only shows the last few years so you can see it in detail.

Notice what the stock traders would call lower highs since around sep 2017?

Out of the 19 columns since that date, 5 of the gains over the previous year have been negative or a loss.

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I will never be against immigration because of people like this

We need people like this that come here, and make our country a better place.

What I am against is the companies sending our jobs to other countries which DECREASES the total number of jobs available here in America for our fellow citizens.

And the companies importing non-immigrant guest workers to displace Americans in America after forcing their employees to train these replacements.

And the non-immigrant guest workers that work their way into a company and then make it so that American citizens can not be hired simply because they prefer to hire non-immigrant guest workers instead of our citizens that desperately need jobs to provide for their families.

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Facebook and Google exec’s testify on the rise of White nationalism caused by them

Why is it that the American citizens forced out of the workforce by companies like Facebook and Google are not allowed to show what really is happening.

As an example, lets look at this video and this chart that I created to show our government what was happening in the workforce.

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For decades my goal was to be a millionaire

The events of the years since 2003 have changed me forever.

Nowadays I simply want to find a way to make $250,000.00

Why so little?

It would allow me to have my home and vehicle paid for and since I will be 62 at the end of this year, it would give me the ability to do nothing but finding a way to use Keep America At Work to educate those whose future depends on them understanding what this game of musical countries called globalization will bring their way if they don’t find a way to stop it.

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I find it very interesting that there are 27,775,000 Employed Foreign Born workers and 23,327,000 Displaced American Workers who have been harmed by Free Trade Agreements and the tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers

In the following video I show how there are 23,327,000 displaced American workers forced out of the civilian labor pool

If you talk to the experts, you will find that their best guess of non-immigrant guest workers is about a million and a half which I don’t think includes visa types other than H-1B.

The difference between our Foreign Born employed workers and our Displaced American workers is: 4,448,000

My belief is that if we were to include the number of students working as interns on a OPT visa and the other non-immigrant guest worker types that we will be very close to that figure.

If you have a more accurate number, I want to hear about it.

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