Unemployed Again

Found myself unemployed again during all of December and January.

So now I’m struggling to find a way to catch up my back payments on my house and pickup so that I don’t lose them.

Decided to go back into safety where the pay is steady and will be doing the janitor thing again as of 3 February and I believe I will stay there and retire there so that I can focus on doing more to document how we formerly upper middle class types are finding ways to survive and prosper, although with a much lower income than before.

Ran across this video today that I believe demonstrates that you can find ways to pursue the life that you desire and thought I would share it with you.

Understanding why a rigid political system will not fix the problems we face

Politics is something I have always stayed away from.

But when they refuse to fix the problems we face, it is time for us to roll up our sleeves and fix them ourselves.

So I am running to be a U.S. Senator even though I know I don’t stand a chance.

And I am answering many questionnaires where various groups may or may not endorse me based on my answers.

In answering a conservative questionnaire today, I stated that I voted twice for Obama, as he said he would fix the jobs situation.

He Lied.

And I voted for Trump because he said he would fix the jobs situation.

He Lied as well.

So the person told me that they couldn’t endorse me because I voted for Obama to which I replied, I am going to vote for anybody that will fix this problem.

And I said Senator Cornyn is actively making this happen, and I bet you are endorsing him because he claims he is a conservative and this bill will actively destroy both conservatives and democrats alike.