Skilled Workers

Our employers are demanding that we import more non-immigrant guest workers because they can’t find skilled workers, which is forcing our own skilled workers into homelessness simply because we have more workers than we do jobs.

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Our silence enables this.

It is time we told our stories.

  • Department of Homeland Security would have you believe no Americans have been harmed by Free Trade Agreements or non-immigrant guest workers

  • Melvin has a master degree in Molecular Science and Nanotechnology, yet he still cannot find employment that pays enough to cover the cost of an apartment in Los Angeles.

  • Brotha BlueStocking is a licensed teacher and guidance counselor in New York and California, and has two masters degrees, yet he says he’d like to put his degrees and licenses on Ebay.

  • Yet another Tech Worker whose future was destroyed by Globalization

  • We must be able to provide veterans with the support they need before they end up living in a car or worse.

  • So we can’t find skilled workers?

  • Overqualified, Over 50 and Unemployed

  • Walt is a displaced tech worker living homeless on the streets of San Jose.

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